Edward (Ed) Elric is the main character in the anime/manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. He is 16-years-old.

Past Edit

Edward grew up in the small town of Risembool alongside his brother Alphonse. His father, Hoenheim, disappeared when Ed was still young, and Edward hates him for this. After many years passed, Ed and Al attempted alchemny and saw how much it pleased their mother, Trisha Elric. Together they learned alchemy, often excluding their neighbor Winry Rockbell (much to her unhappiness). When Ed was ten, Trisha passed away due to an unknown illness, and he and Al began to plan their foray into the forbidden alchemy of Human Transmutation. The studied very hard under the tutelage of Izumi Curtis, their sensei.

Finally, Ed and Al attempted to bring their mother back to life. However, something went wrong and Alphonse's body was taken away, along with Ed's left leg. Desperate, Ed attempted to bind Alphonse's soul to a suit of armor, drawing an array with his own blood. It worked, but a price was paid, following the principal of Equivalent Exchange: Ed's right arm.

Ed was taken to the Gate of Truth, where he was shown the Truth of alchemy; he learned how to do alchemy without a transmutation circle. Ed also glimpsed the knowledge fo Human Transmutation, and desperately asked to be shown again, but the Gate refused.

When Al's soul was fixed onto the suit of armor, he saw Ed, missing both an arm and a leg, and he carried him to the home of their neighbors, the Rockbells. Pinako, an elderly automail mechanic, saved Ed's life and eventually fitted him with an automail prosthetic so that Ed could continue with alchemy. At the age of twelve, Ed takes a state examination and qualifies to become a State Alchemist.

Anime Series Edit

The anime series begins with Edward and Alphonse in the town of Lior, searching for the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which is said to be able to amplify the powers of alchemy enough that Ed could restore his and Al's bodies. They believe that the priest in Lior has a Philosopher's Stone, which is hwo he is capable of his "miracles". In the end, it turns out to be a fake.

From there, Ed continues to search for the Stone and eventually learns how to create one from the coded notes that Tim Marcoh created before he deserted the military. He learns that to create a Philosopher's Stone requires great human sacrifice and also discovers that the military Research Laboratory 5 had been doing tiwsted experiments and using Death Row prisoners from the prision across the street to attempt to create a Stone. Ed is nearly forced into doing so, but at the last minute manages to get out of it.

From there he meets his old teacher, Izumi Curtis. When Izumi learns that Ed has done Human Transmutation, she attempts to teach the Elric brothers a lesson and leaves them on Paradise Island for a night to get them to remember the basis of alchemy. In the process, she meets a nameless child who turns out to be the Homonculus Wrath.

Later in the series, Ed encounters the Homonculus Greed. Because Ed figured out how to defeat him, Greed tells Ed the secret to killing a Homonculus.

Later, Ed finds out that the Isbalan serial killer, known only as Scar, is trying to create a Philosopher's Stone using the entire city of Lior as a sacrifice. Ed finds out about this and manages to evacuate the city without Scar knowing. The military moves in, despite Ed trying to stop them, and they are all destroyed. It turns out that Scar has died and made Alphonse into a Philosopher's Stone.

Ed fights with the Homonculi during the escape, and is saved by Rose's baby crying, which severly incapitates Wrath. He also has to fight Pride, who is actually the Homonculus form of his mother. He manages to escape, but at the orders of Fuhrer Bradley, the military is now huting him and Al. They escape and head back to Risembool, where Colonel Mustang catches Ed. However, he lets him go. Ed heads to Central City after finding out that Fuhrer Bradley is a Homonculus.

Alphonse is kidnapped by Dante and is used as bait for Ed. Ed is then killed by Envy and is sent to teh other side of the Gate of Truth to WWII Germnay, but Al saves him using himself as the Philosopher's Stone. But Al's armor is used up. Once Ed awakens, he tries to bring Alphonse back, and in sacrifice is sent to the other side of the Gate in Germany permanently.

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